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If you have undergone bariatric surgery consult your doctor/Bariatric team before using this product to ensure your personal requirements are being met.


Celebrate Calcium Soft Chews


5 reviews

NPN: 80125803

Celebrate Calcium Soft Chews have been completely reformulated! Available in 5 AMAZING flavors that include , Watermelon, Strawberry-Banana, New Lemon Cream, Chocolate and Caramel! All our flavors feature our NEW Ultra -smooth texture formulation that has Zero calcium grit! In addition to tasting great, these calcium chews pack a whopping 500 mg of Calcium ( as calcium citrate ) in each chew !


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Darrrell Francis

Smooth and the taste is great.

Carol W
Soft and easy to eat

I have been purchasing these calcium chews for years and really enjoy them. They are a great little sweet treat after my meal and a much more pleasant way to get my calcium intake than in pill form. I especially love the new lemon flavour! I do wish the cherry and tropical fruit flavours would be available again. They were also at the top of my favourite list!

Joann Davidson
I like the chew’s

Have been taking 4 tablets a day other bands, plus extra calcium with milk and yogurt. The chewable are a bit chalky but you get what you need. The only thing I find the chewable are a bit pricey . I am not spending my money on food but I need these after my surgery. It’s the fact of life now. You will not find any other product will meet your needs. It has been 7 years and I have not had any issue with my blood work!

Rose Thomas
Love the new lemon cream flavour

The lemon cream flavour tastes like lemon meringue pie. So good!


I just received my order of calcium citrate chews and they are disgusting 🤢 they smell and are gritty. I have previously ordered the cherry from USA site and they were great. Now they don’t deliver to Canada. Very disappointing