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Celebrate Essential Multi 2 in 1 Chewable (Multivitamines & Calcium)


6 avis

Type de chirurgie primaire : Bypass gastrique / Sleeve Gastrectomie
Convient également pour : Anneau gastrique ajustable

NPN 80070634

Notre Essential Multi 2 en 1 est une multivitamine unique qui contient toutes les vitamines essentielles associées au citrate de calcium. Il s'agit de la seule combinaison bariatrique à mâcher qui n'utilise que du citrate de calcium (la forme de calcium recommandée pour les patients WLS). En prenant 4 comprimés à croquer par jour, vous obtiendrez une multivitamine de niveau bariatrique qui comprend 10 000 UI de vitamine A, 3 000 UI de vitamine D, 1 000 mcg de vitamine B-12 et 1 500 mg de citrate de calcium ! Et puisque notre combinaison multi comprend du citrate de calcium mais n'inclut PAS de fer, vous n'aurez pas à vous soucier de l'interaction fer-calcium. Disponible en deux délicieuses saveurs Orange-Ananas et Mangue !

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sheila Lessard
Awesome Chewables!

By consuming the recommended servings per day, I never have to worry about swallowing humongous calcium tablets again!

Excellent Supplements

These supplements are easy to take, compared to a bunch of large pills.

Joyce Morrison
Tried a New Flavour & Failed

Ordering was easy & delivery was quick. Tried the Mango flavour & found it very strong & not enjoyable. Any chance of doing a chocolate flavour? Still find the tablets chalky but easy to chew.

Quick delivery

Always a quick delivery

Stephanie Williams
The convenience far outweighs the negatives

I didn't find these too sweet, even right after surgery. They are more tart than anything else, but I never had trouble getting them down. Now, over three years post-op, I still buy them and chew 4 per day religiously for the total convenience of not having to mess around with dozens of pills. I wish Celebrate would release more flavours, and I wish there was a way to package them so I don't lose 2 or 3 per package to dust in the bottom of the bottle as they are quite chalky and brittle ( I don't really lose them but I wet my finger and eat it like a Lick 'em Aid lol!). Most importantly, they are working - my bloodwork is always PERFECT so I know I am absorbing everything I am supposed to. Overall, I love them and will continue to buy them! :)